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Behind the Scenes Shot of Judith O’Dea from George A. Romero’s ‘Night of the Living Dead’

Great shot of ‘Abandoned Dead’ supporting actress Judith O’Dea in her breakout role as Barbara in George A. Romero’s original ‘Night of the Living Dead.’

Here George A. Romero directs next to S. William Hinzman, who was 2nd Cameraman when Romero was not operating, year was 1968, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Judith O'Dea as Barbara in 1969's classic 'Night of the Living Dead.'

Judith O’Dea as Barbara in 1969′s classic ‘Night of the Living Dead.’

2nd Photo is Judy O’ Dea as Doctor Pamela Myers in ‘Abandoned Dead.’

Judith O' Dea in 'Abandoned Dead'

Judith O’ Dea in ‘Abandoned Dead’

‘Abandoned Dead’ Star Sarah Nicklin Lands Lead Role In ‘Blood Pi’ Feature

Sarah Nicklin​ of ‘Abandoned Dead​’ has landed the lead role in the Lock It Down Productions feature film ‘Blood Pi’. Sarah Nicklin is becoming one of the most popular actresses on the horror circuit, and appears poised for major feature film and television success. Keep an eye on this remarkably talented lady, and make sure to visit her in person at one of the many upcoming horror conventions. Her award-worthy performance as Rachel Burke in ‘Abandoned Dead’ will surely catapult her to major stardom.

Scream Queen Sarah Nicklin

Scream Queen Sarah Nicklin

Scream Queen Sarah Nicklin

Scream Queen Sarah Nicklin