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Abandoned Dead: The Movie Launches IndieGoGo Crowd Funding Campaign‏


NIGHTWATCHER FILMS has launched a Crowd Funding Campaign on IndieGoGo, indie producer Mark W. Curran announced today.

“We’ve completed principal photography in August, and we are now seeking finishing funds for post-production,” Curran said today. “The footage looks fantastic and we are very excited about a possible January release,” he said.

ABANDONED DEAD is a horror thriller about a security guard trapped in a spooky downtown Los Angeles medical clinic, besieged by supernatural forces which threaten to over take her.

The film was written, produced and directed by Mark W. Curran from his own screenplay, and stars Sara Nicklin (‘Sins of Dracula’), Judith O’Dea (‘Night of the Living Dead,’) and Robert Wilhelm (‘Transformers 3′).

The film was shot by Director of Photography Robert Adams on location in and around the Los Angeles

A theatrical release is planned.