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Mark W. Curran’s Abandoned Dead Horror Blog: Ruminations On Cinematic Horror

Terrible Visions From Beyond The Grave – On The Set of Abandoned Dead

The creation of a modern horror movie is in many ways both exhilarating and fraught with terror.

Moviemaking is, by its very nature an exercise in frustration and gives harsh lessons in the inequity of Murphy’s Law, particularly when one has the audacity to direct one’s own screenplay.

This insanity is made all the more acute when the screenplay is the director’s own original story. Objectivity and subjectivity start their inner battle as the production moves through its various paces and scenes play out; actors and action are blocked and dialog commences. This is when the cognitive dissonance of the violent crash between fantasy and reality begins its steady assault on the psyche. It is then one enters the center of the cyclone that is indie moviemaking on a low budget. Welcome to hell.

Taking what is in one’s head and trying to make a movie of it takes money, determination and persistence. It requires the collaboration, hubris, blood, sweat and tears from a team of talented people who are overworked, underpaid, and have a passion for the art of making film. From this cauldron of fire the forging of steel commences, ultimately formed into a (hopefully) cohesive structure that will delight, inform, entertain, and, if one is lucky, scare the living crap out of someone.

As we move forward on our production of this challenging story of psychological terror and somewhat visceral horror, I will use this blog to share my insights, experiences and glimpses into the mine of nightmares we are exploring. Whether you are a horror fan, a movie buff, a movie maker or just love all things scary, consider this your lens into the strange and horrific pit of dangerous dreams.

I promise to deliver those visions and revelations intact, uniquely unadorned from one who could only deliver them from the center of the cyclone.

Mark W. Curran
Los Angeles, CA