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Abandoned Dead In China – well…. maybe?

Over a year ago we were contacted by Alex Nohe of ‘Walking Shadows Productions’ in Los Angeles about possible distribution of ABANDONED DEAD in China, through another entity, Craig Santy of ‎Great Eastern International Inc. Craig is listed as a producer and a mover and shaker in various film and distribution enterprises at IMDB. We signed with these agencies and sent monies for Chinese translation services and prepared the various deliverables and legal documents and delivered them.

After many months of no email answers from Mr. Santy by inquiries made by Mr. Nohe, we inquired as to the status of ‘ABANDONED DEAD’, which had been accepted by the Chinese government, according to messages by Mr. Santy sent to Mr. Nohe. After many months of delays, Mr. Santy sent Mr. Nohe updates via email that an extension of the rights terms be made from 5 years to 10 years for the deal to be completed.

After signing those agreements, and still no payments, we are waiting on an update from Craig Santy on the status of Abandoned Dead in China, and so are many other filmmakers, from our understanding. We’ll keep you posted here first, folks, but if anyone has had any experiences with these two companies, good or bad, would love to hear from you.